Module B Activities

1. Complete Module B of the Shaping Outcomes tutorial:

2. Working with your own program, fill in sections I, II, and III of the Logic Model worksheet up to and including “For what outcome?”.

Submit the logic model to the instructor to be reviewed. Submit it using the Module B Logic Model forum.


3. Complete either the "library" (for librarians) or "museum" (for museum professionals) examples in Module B. Review the Children’s Museum OR the Whitney Library case study materials in Shaping Outcomes. Use these cases to learn more about ‘audience needs’, ‘assumption’, ‘target audience’, ‘stakeholders’ and ‘outcomes’.

4. Apply your understanding for Module B: Complete your logic model for your program (if your program has been approved).

5. Use the Module B forum to discuss your understanding of case studies and the concepts that are introduced: ‘audience needs’, ‘assumption’, ‘target audience’, ‘stakeholders’ and ‘outcomes’.

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